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Talk The Talk

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The Agendas in this section are based on our popular daily devotional on Facebook entitled “It Is Ridden!”  All agendas are developed so that Bible Study Group leaders do NOT have to be teachers.  These Agendas enable a group to lead itself through a good Bible study and time of discussion.


There is an old, familiar saying about walking the walk and talking the talk!  But here at the Biker Bible Institute, we have a different spin on that!  Lots of motorcycle enthusiasts want to look like bikers, but not everyone of them does what “real bikers” do (whatever that is … LOL).  The same holds true for Christian bikers.

A lot of bikers get saved, get a patch, and become “instant evangelists.”  But they never actually go out and start telling the world about Jesus.  The thought behind this Bible discussion (talk) series is that, if you want to “ride the ride” as a Christian biker, you also need to learn to “talk the talk.”  There’s more to being a Christian biker than wearing a patch!  We’re on the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8) to tell other bikers — and the whole world — about our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus!


All of our Agendas (Bible Study Group studies) are FREE!  The Biker Bible Institute never charges for any service that helps get “10,000 Bikers!” in the Bible every week.  You have permission to download any of our Agendas and use them locally where you live and ride.  Your financial support and prayers are, of course, always welcome.


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