Missional Community


What if you heard God speaking to you?  And what if He told you to get bikers together where you are to talk about the Bible every week?  And what if He whispered to you that He wants other bikers all across North America and the world to do the same thing.  And what if all those Biker Bible Groups did the kinds of things bikers like to do anyway to help their communities!


That’s really what the Biker Bible Institute is all about. The focus is “discipleship” (Matt 28:18-20). But none of us can do it alone. We have to be on mission working together like a big community



Some people call this “missional community.”  Others call it “mission outposts.”  But we just call it following Jesus doing what He told us to do!  Whatever you call it, it’s going to be a powerful, life-changing experience.


NO!  It’s not a biker video.  In fact, we intentionally selected a video built around a group of “yuppified” believers somewhere in the Northwest!  These brothers and sisters are living and loving together.  They are friends helping friends and serving their community.  And because of that, they’re all growing together in their faith too.

Watch the video.  Imagine what a video like this would look like if it were a group of Christian bikers living together in fellowship like this.  And then imagine if that Biker Bible Group were connected to other Biker Bible Groups doing similar things across the USA and the world.  And finally, imagine a biker who has only recently come to Christ being told by the Biker Bible Institute that there was a Biker Bible Group in his or her community ready to receive them!

It could happen!  It could happen where you live and ride!!! Pray about it.

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