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Meet Pastor Ray Dunbar.  He is, by far, one of the most outstanding Bible teachers in any biker church or motorcycle ministry.  He currently serves as pastor for Biker Church USA Charlotte and focuses on Internet (cyber) ministry.

Instructional Videos …

Pastor Ray has completed a series on Evangelism and Discipleship which we’re including online at the Biker Bible Institute.  We believe you will truly enjoy his series.  They are all very short (about one hour) courses to help you better understand God’s Word.

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  1. Hello, I currently attend a Biker Church and am looking for a men’s Bible Study related to Bikers. With or without a CD series and workbook, but a guide of some kind would be helpful. Thank You for your recommendations.

    1. We get that question a lot, and it’s a good question. We recommend that you use one of our FREE online videos (Pastor Ray’s Discipleship Series) and spend time discussing the Scripture and ideas in those videos. But you can also get some Bible study materials from on of the the local Christian bookstores near you.

      The truth is the truth, and almost any Bible study resource (particularly those about specific books in the Bible) will work for Biker Bible Study Groups. Just be sure to make up some relevant illustrations and topics for conversation with the guys and gals.

      We’re praying for you. Keep us posted here on the Biker Bible Institute about your progress! And if you learn something new that you’d like to share with others, this is a good place to do it!