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If you’re part of the Biker Bible Institute network (fellowship), you already know the emphasis we put on getting bikers into the Bible where they live and ride.  We’re encouraging every biker church and motorcycle ministry (M/M) to start a Biker Bible group wherever they are — and to be networked with other Christian bikers so a biker seeking Christ can be plugged into The Word any place in North America!



Some of you will have well-gifted and prepared teachers.  You won’t need a lot of help from others outside your organization with Bible study resources.  But others who see the need for Biker Bible groups, might not have a good teacher riding with them right now.  That’s why we create “Agendas.”

Biker Bible Institute Agendas enable anyone with leadership ability to start a Biker Bible group.  By following an Agenda, any leader can guide a Biker Bible group in a weekly encounter with God through His Word and prayer.


We create the Agendas in “small bites.”  Each is designed to be a six-week commitment.  Some will focus on portions of specific books of the Bible, while others will focus on topics that impact living in the Kingdom of God.


The Agendas are distributed online free.  There’s never any charge for Biker Bible resources prepared by the Biker Bible Institute.  Leaders can download them.  Reproduce them.  And use them at your biker church and with your Biker Bible groups.

Of course, you can use any Bible study resource you desire locally with your Biker Bible group.  What sets the Biker Bible Institute Agendas apart is that they are simple, straightforward, and focus on bikers as the target group in discussions!


If you’re seeing this for the first time and would like to know more, contact Chris Marley at (207) 989-5401.  We would love to have you in the Biker Bible Institute network so we can refer bikers seeking Christ to your biker church or Biker Bible group.

Let’s all work together to get “10,000 Bikers!” in the Bible every week across the USA and Canada!



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