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  1. I recently sent you an email, you replied and asked my location. I am located in Bandera Tx. I am interested in Bible study material related to bikers. I was unable to open any of the links in your reply email, something about visiting a moderation panel, please retry to send me some info. Thank You. David Chandler.

    1. For now, brother, we would recommend that you either use one of our FREE online videos (Pastor Ray’s Discipleship Series) and spend time discussing the Scripture and ideas in those videos. Or if you prefer, get some Bible study materials from the local Christian bookstore.

      No, the Christian bookstores do not have anything specifically for Christian bikers. And that’s a shame! But still, the truth is the truth, and almost any Bible study resource (particularly those that address specific books of the Bible) can be taught to bikers in small groups. The key is for the teacher to be able to develop some relevant illustrations for conversation with the guys and gals.

      We’ll be praying for you. Keep us posted on your progress!


  2. Thinking very strongly about starting a Biker Bible Study group in the Gainesville/Ocala Florida area. Your site has been helpful. Is there any advice that you believe to be the most important bit of advice you could share?
    Thank you for your site!

    1. The best advice we can give is …

        Pray – cover it with prayer.
        Bible – start a small, Bible study group.

      No prayer, no action! You have to be a prayer warrior to plant anything for the Kingdom of God.

      The Bible study group is the start of the “process.” Everything springs forward from your teaching the Word. And think about this: “If you cannot hold together a Bible study group in the Lord, you won’t be able to hold together a church either. But if you do hold the group together in the Lord, then you have a core group to serve as the foundation for the new church.”

      We will be praying for you, and we’re here to encourage you as you go forward.