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The vision for the Biker Bible Institute is to get “10,000 Bikers!” into the Bible every week across the USA and Canada.  We serve as a ministry to encourage the establishment of small Biker Bible Study (Discussion) Groups.  We also encourage and assist in the development of local leaders.


In truth, we struggled calling this ministry an “institute.”  We’re not a college or university.  We don’t offer any degrees.  And we don’t employ professors.  We’re a group of brothers and sisters operating under the umbrella of the church to fulfill the “10,000 Bikers!” vision.

We like to ride but our first love is Jesus Christ!  He is our lifestyle, and His Way is the lifestyle we teach and promote.  We have a passion for the Word of God because it truly does renew the mind and transforms hearts.


  • Develop Bible study resources for bikers and biker groups that get bikers into the Bible and are easy to use.
  • Promote the establishment and sustainment of small Bible study (discussion) groups for bikers across the USA and Canada.
  • Connect independent biker churches into a single family so pastors can connect with other biker pastors in North America.
  • Providing training and mentoring for local leaders.
  • Encourage local leaders and groups.
  • Pray for local leaders and groups.


GROUPS … we help start and connect Biker Bible Study (Talk) Groups, biker churches, and motorcycle ministries (MM) teaching the Bible.

INTERNET RADIO … we webcast a weekly Internet radio program, interviewing some of you LIVE on the radio online.  We also interview celebrities and people of interest on the Internet radio program.

OTHER TECHNOLOGY … we use other technology, like webinars and live, streaming Internet TV) to train and mentor leaders, connect bikers from different groups, and share cool events as they occur.


Your role is to “connect.”  We need to know who you are.  We need to know where your biker church, motorcycle ministry, or Biker Bible Study (Talk) Group is located so we can help get you on the map.

You can do this now simply by registering here on our site.  We will soon have new membership software online that offers more features, but it’s important that we can all connect with each other, even though we live and ride in different places across the USA and Canada.


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  1. please send me some more info on the BBI I am interested in taking some courses and teaching and leading others

    Pastor Ron “Okie” Morrow Armor Bearers Ministries OK
    President Armor Bearers MC OK Chapter

    1. Hello, Pastor Ron,

      Great talking with you on Facebook! Hope you’re well. We are working on a series of Bible study handouts suitable for bikers that can be used by local leaders. We hope to have some special training courses for biker pastors and chaplains later but that will be down the line.

      One thing we can do if there is interest is have a regular, live, interactive webinar meeting with biker pastors and chaplains around the country so they can get to know each other and be a source of information and encouragement.

      Let us know if that’s of any interest to you. If we get enough interest, we’ll kick that off.

      And Brother Chris is working on putting together a live, Internet radio talk show where we can interview some of you guys and pass along good info that way too!