Book of John

The Book of John is a foundational book in the Bible.  While this Gospel is especially good for new believers, it contains a lot of terrific spiritual insights for mature believers, as well.

Bible Study Organization …

For this study, the 21 chapters in the Book of John are divided into four (4) sections.  They are listed below:

  • Unit 1 … chapters 1-6 (click HERE).
  • Unit 2 … chapters 7-12 (click HERE).
  • Unit 3 … chapters 13-18 (click HERE).
  • Unit 4 … chapters 19-21 (click HERE).

Biker Bible Group Agendas …

Every person in the Biker Bible Group should get a copy of each agenda.  BBG members are encouraged to do the suggested work before and after the group meetings.  They are also encouraged to share and participate actively during the group meetings.

The team at the Biker Bible Institute is glad you are using the agendas to facilitate Biker Bible Group gatherings.  We are pleased to be able to provide these freely to bikers everywhere.



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