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The Agendas in this section are based directly on our popular daily devotional on Facebook by the same name (“It Is Ridden”).  All agendas are developed so that Bible Study Group leaders do NOT have to be teachers.  The Agendas enable the group to lead itself through a good Bible study and time of discussion.


All Agendas (Bible Study Group studies) are FREE!  The Biker Bible Institute does not charge fees for any service we develop to help get “10,000 Bikers!” in the Bible every week across the USA and Canada.  You can make a donation to help support the ministry at any time — but there is never a charge to use our Bible study materials.


Christian bikers and their friends are authorized and permitted to download, copy, and use these materials freely within their groups and communities for the purpose of leading and teaching small group Bible studies.  None of the materials from the Biker Bible Institute are authorized for reproduction for commercial purposes, however.


To search and download “It Is Ridden” Bible study Agendas, click on a link below:





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