Spiritual Preparation

    READY!  SET! … David Platt and Francis Chan discuss the role of “prayer, the Holy Spirit, and boldness” for evangelism and discipleship in this age!      

Keep On Keeping On!

  NEVER GIVE UP … You will face setbacks, but these are not failures, but God did not say, “Succeed!” He said, “Bear fruit!” Keep on riding for the Lord,

Sin Makes You Stupid

It might seem like fun at times, but it ain’t funny!  As the old saying goes, sin takes you further than you want to go.  It keeps you longer than

Preaching The Gospel

  The Gospel Jesus spoke about in Matt 24:14 was the Good News of the Kingdom of God.  There is a King (Jesus) and a Kingdom!  And it is near!

World Wide Witness

The video above was produced by the W3 Chapel through Reach One Missional.  It encourages believers to use the world wide web to share the Gospel.