A Terrible Thought
A Terrible Thought

    ONE OF THE MOST TERRIBLE THINGS  … You might ever hear is Jesus saying, “Depart from me. I knew you not!” (Matt 7:23)   THE BIBLE TELLS US …

Be Happy!  Don’t Worry!
Be Happy! Don’t Worry!

  We love God’s promises!  He never breaks any of them!  So we always know what to expect!!!   A GREAT PROMISE … Here’s a great promise from God today!

The Whole of the Bible
The Whole of the Bible

  WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT … How do you actually understand the Bible? It helps if you see the central message! It makes sense if you understand that every book

Go The Other Way!

  Look at what the world is doing and do the opposite! Go the other way!   THE WAY OF THE KINGDOM … It is clearly marked for us! Yes,

The Kingdom Is At Hand!

  What is “the mountain” of the Lord’s temple?  Why is that even in the Bible? MOUNTAINS IN THE BIBLE … In the Bible, the word “mountain” means what it

Compel Them!

  It’s not God’s will that anybody we know would be lost (2 Pet 3:9). HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS … Go out!  Tell them!  “We’re having a party!  It’s a feast!  I

The Shadow of Death

    Death is when the spirit leaves the flesh.   THE NATURE OF LIFE … Read Genesis 3 again.  You’ll see that God made man from the dirt …