Don’t Do This!!!

    WHAT JESUS DIDN’T SAY … Francis Chan does a great job in this short video explaining how “NOT TO” make disciples. It’s funny! And it’s to the point!

The Whole of the Bible
The Whole of the Bible

  WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT … How do you actually understand the Bible? It helps if you see the central message! It makes sense if you understand that every book

The King of the Kingdom

  THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS A KINGDOM … It’s not enough just to “know” Jesus. If you want to be part of His Kingdom, He must be your King!

The Reward for His Blessing

  We first see the image of God’s goodness and love following His people when Moses strikes the rock with his stick and water spews out (Num 20:11).  That water followed

Who’s Side Is God On?

  Right and wrong!  Holy and unholy!  God is surely on our side when we’re doing good things!  Right? What if we found out that the question is not, “Who’s