The Kingdom Is At Hand!



What is “the mountain” of the Lord’s temple?  Why is that even in the Bible?


In the Bible, the word “mountain” means what it says — a mountain.  But it also almost always symbolizes something else too.  When the Bible talks about mountains, it is usually saying something about kingdoms!

In the old days, cities were their own kingdoms.  Cities were usually built on mountaintops, and the city ruled itself and protected itself.  The person in charge of the city was like the king of the city.  And the gatekeepers were like leaders who controlled the flow of life into and out of the city-kingdom.


Micah is sharing a prophecy in this verse.  It has not yet been fulfilled, but the time is near.  The mountain of the Lord’s temple (which is Zion) will be established as the highest kingdom in the world.  It will have authority over all other kingdoms (governments).

In a sense, this verse is talking about a “new world order.”  It is talking about a global government, a global economy, and a global world view.  We see the birth pains for this going on all around us right now.  What the world is not seeing, however, is that this new world order will be under the authority of Jesus Christ — King Jesus!


The Kingdom of God truly is at hand!  All authority on heaven and earth (Matt 28:18) truly as been given to Him.  The government really will be upon His shoulders (Isa 9:6).  All prophecy in the Bible is pointing to this time when the evil age comes to an end and the Kingdom of God is fully established throughout the world (Matt 24:14).


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