The Reward for His Blessing

The Word!


We first see the image of God’s goodness and love following His people when Moses strikes the rock with his stick and water spews out (Num 20:11).  That water followed God’s children the remainder of the time they were in the wilderness. God gave His children life-giving water when there was otherwise no water to sustain them.



God will sustain His children!

He always has.  He always will.  That’s what’s at the heart of the message in Ps 23:6.  His spirit flows everywhere His children go.  It follows them.  They follow Him.  You have the blessed assurance of His Word.



It all ends up with us living in His house with Him forever.  It’s as if He plans to reward us for receiving His blessing.  And in fact, that’s exactly the case.  His nature is to love us and to bless us.  It’s beyond us to fully comprehend His glory, but it surely is what our God is all about!

Take time to rest in Him today!  Blessings!



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