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We’re praying for “1o,000 Bikers!” to be in the Bible every week all across the USA and Canada!  We’re praying for Christian bikers to start new Bible study groups in their homes, workplaces, restaurants, churches — almost anywhere imaginable.  We’re praying for the Holy Spirit to light a fire among bikers that spreads throughout North America!

Join us in this prayer.  Join the Biker Bible Institute Network!  It’s free!  And you can learn more about how you can play a role in this amazing movement of God!


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    1. Thanks, brother! And in the network, they will have the opportunity to be part of a team that is discipling bikers all across the USA and Canada! Love ya, man! Blessings!

  1. We up here in Didsbury Alberta are gearing up for our first night in a new meeting place.H&R Block.Didsbury Alberta.20 Ave.RIDE ON IN.
    The Crew are Exited about a Great time in the WORD.
    just a block over the Hollywood crew is here to film the movie Fargo..Well have to go over and share the Word.Don’t know if we fit the all you do.
    Love , Respect and Prayer.Chaplain BikerBob. Mountainview Chapter BFC.

    1. Praise God for you and your folks, brother! Hollywood could use a few Christian bikers nearby … LOL! Thanks for the shout out! Ride safe! Talk the talk! And be blessed!

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