Why Start A Biker Bible Study?

Awhile back, a biker said to me, “Franko, I really don’t need to go to church.  I believe I can worship God just as well sitting quietly on a pond on a beautiful Sunday morning fishing and praying.”

In an inspired moment, I said to him, “I agree with you up to a point.  Yes, you can worship God just as well  on that pond as you can at church with us.  But when you got saved, God gave you a spiritual gift.  And when you’re out there, you can’t share your spiritual gifts with us!”

I went on to remind my friend that every believer has at least one spiritual gift, and no believer has all the spiritual gifts.  So to be complete and to completely do all the work Jesus gives the church to do, we need each other.  No “Lone Rangers” allowed.

The man suddenly seemed to understand that the reason he had to get together with us was not for HIS sake, but for OUR sake — and for the sake of those whom we serve as a church!  It was one of those amazing moments when the Holy Spirit really does tell you what to say.

The Empty Boat


I had a similar moment recently as I considered the general lack of Biker Bible Study Groups across the USA and Canada.  Ask most groups that use the title M/M (motorcycle ministry) or Christian M/C (motorcycle club) what day of the week they get together to teach and discuss the Bible with bikers, and most of the time, you get an empty stare.

“We don’t do that!” they say.  “We’re not that kind of Christian group!”

“We don’t overtly share the Gospel.  We’re out there for people when they’re ready to hear about Jesus!  But we don’t push Him on others!”

That’s the kind of thing you hear.  Not everyone says that, but it’s pretty common!


How is it even possible for a group of men and women to lay claim to the title “Christian” if the Bible is not central to their ministry?  How can you be a Christian ministry if the Word is not the heart of everything you do?  Jesus is the Word!  The Word is Jesus!

John 1:1 makes this point abundantly clear.  The Word (Jesus) was in the beginning.  The Word was with God.  And the Word was God.

We know that this Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  He was Jesus!  And if we do not make the Word the central part of our ministry, what are we? Jesus cannot be separated from the Word, and the Word cannot be separated from Jesus!

So what day of the week does your M/M or Christian M/C get together to teach and discuss the Bible with other bikers?  What is more important to Christian ministry than the Word — Jesus?


Okay, time to give our Christian brothers and sisters a break here.  If you’re not already teaching and leading a Biker Bible Study Group each week, there’s actually a reason for that.  We want to be fair.

Chances are, most of the guys and gals in your group belong to a church.  They probably already hear some preaching each week.  And there’s a good chance they all attend a Sunday School class or Bible study group almost every week too.  So why bother with this in your M/M or Christian M/C too!  Right!  Maybe not …

Like my friend who wanted to worship God out fishing on his pond on Sunday mornings, you might be missing a very important point.


When Biker Bob gets saved next week (maybe at a rally or at a local bar when some of you are there sharing the Gospel), he’s probably not going to rush down the street on Sunday morning to a local church!  He’s not stupid.  He knows that even though he said a prayer with you, he still won’t fit in yet.  Maybe he will … some day … but not next Sunday!


It’s going to take faith for Biker Bob to find a local church and start attending regularly!  That’s not part of his lifestyle.  Where’s he going to get that kind of faith come from?

How does a newly saved biker acquire the kind of faith he will need to attend a local church somewhere?  The Bible has the answer:

 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Rom 10:17, KJV)

He will develop that faith by being in the Word of God.  If Biker Bob doesn’t get the Word on a regular basis from your motorcycle ministry, where’s he going to hear it?  How’s he going to develop the kind of faith that will enable him to eventually participate as member of a local body of believers?

For most bikers, this kind of transformational faith will take place in a Biker Bible Study Group!  The believer needs your M/M or Christian M/C to teach him the Word of God so he can develop powerful new faith for a transformational journey.


This is an appeal!  It goes out to all who ride Christian bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts.  Start a Biker Bible Study Group.  Decide today to do it!

Of course, not all Christian bikers are gifted teachers.  It’s going to be pretty hard for some M/M or Christian M/C’s to start a Biker Bible Study Group.  But the Holy Spirit can use you to do it.  Remember, it’s not about you!  It’s about Him — Jesus!  And God promises that His Word will not come back void!  (Isa 55:11)


If you  decide to accept the challenge and start a Biker Bible Study Group, contact us.  Let us know about it.  We want to publicize it here on our site.

Every week during the riding season, bikers get saved. It’s especially true at some of the larger rallies.  Not everyone who gets saved is from the same town (or state) as the Christian biker who led them in prayer.  When you’re Biker Bible Study Group is posted here on this site, other bikers can find it and can plug their biker friends into it.

Send us a message from our CONTACT page with the following info:

  • NAME of contact person
  • CONTACT INFO (phone or email … this is optional but recommended)
  • LOCATION of Bible study each week
  • DAY / TIME of Bible study each week
  • OTHER  … anything else that would help a new biker get started with you


The vision.  It’s simple but powerful.  It is “10,000!”

Imagine what would happen if 10,000 bikers got into the Word together each week all across the USA and Canada!  His Word gives faith!  His Word does not come back void!  Something good and amazing is going to happen if we all start a Biker Bible Study Group each week and invite other bikers to be part of it with us!

Pray about this.  Check out the Word.  And see if this is not God’s will!  It is!



  1. I would like to do this in my area. Just don’t really know if it will work or where to do it at. In my home or my company office or just where. Maybe you can give me some words of wisdom.
    Tom Brooks

    1. Hey, Tom! Great hearing from you. We’ll follow up in more detail later, but here’s the deal … you know (of course) it will work in any area. It’s the Bible! But you’re right about location. Certain locations draw certain kinds of people. A workplace is likely to draw the workers (unless it is really early in the morning … like 6 am). Restaurants do well at drawing people, but they can be very noisy with lots of distractions too. We have found that homes work well. And it’s almost like the first century church, meeting in homes throughout the city on different nights of the week. Try several different things, and know that it’s not all about the numbers. Well worth the effort if you see one man or woman with a life transformed. Bless you, brother!

  2. Hi, we are looking into doing a local biker study on a once a month basis at a local motorcycle shop in their conference room. We have a small core group and 2 or 3 to lead/teach. What I am looking for is a study that will draw bikers into the study. I know the bible and have lead many church studies. Can you provide direction and or words of caution as we proceed? Thanks, Ride Safe, Giv’em Jesus, Brent

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