McDonough GA BBSG

Here’s a new Biker Bible Study Group.  It comes to us from Brother Mark Mathers, over in McDonough GA.


NAME:  ”Jesus & Hot Dogs”

DAY:  Tuesdays
TIME:  7:00 pm (actually begins at 7:07 because bikers are always running a little late).

LOCATION:  The local hot dog shop in McDonough GA.
CONTACT:  Mark Mathers (678.897.9177)


If you’re from around McDonough GA or know a biker who is, get them in touch with Brother Mark and tell them about “Jesus & Hot Dogs” every Tuesday night at the local hot dog shop there!  You and your friends are always welcome.


Why Start A Biker Bible Study?

Awhile back, a biker said to me, “Franko, I really don’t need to go to church.  I believe I can worship God just as well sitting quietly on a pond on a beautiful Sunday morning fishing and praying.”

In an inspired moment, I said to him, “I agree with you up to a point.  Yes, you can worship God just as well  on that pond as you can at church with us.  But when you got saved, God gave you a spiritual gift.  And when you’re out there, you can’t share your spiritual gifts with us!”

I went on to remind my friend that every believer has at least one spiritual gift, and no believer has all the spiritual gifts.  So to be complete and to completely do all the work Jesus gives the church to do, we need each other.  No “Lone Rangers” allowed.

The man suddenly seemed to understand that the reason he had to get together with us was not for HIS sake, but for OUR sake — and for the sake of those whom we serve as a church!  It was one of those amazing moments when the Holy Spirit really does tell you what to say.

The Empty Boat


I had a similar moment recently as I considered the general lack of Biker Bible Study Groups across the USA and Canada.  Ask most groups that use the title M/M (motorcycle ministry) or Christian M/C (motorcycle club) what day of the week they get together to teach and discuss the Bible with bikers, and most of the time, you get an empty stare.

“We don’t do that!” they say.  ”We’re not that kind of Christian group!”

“We don’t overtly share the Gospel.  We’re out there for people when they’re ready to hear about Jesus!  But we don’t push Him on others!”

That’s the kind of thing you hear.  Not everyone says that, but it’s pretty common!


How is it even possible for a group of men and women to lay claim to the title “Christian” if the Bible is not central to their ministry?  How can you be a Christian ministry if the Word is not the heart of everything you do?  Jesus is the Word!  The Word is Jesus!

John 1:1 makes this point abundantly clear.  The Word (Jesus) was in the beginning.  The Word was with God.  And the Word was God.

We know that this Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  He was Jesus!  And if we do not make the Word the central part of our ministry, what are we? Jesus cannot be separated from the Word, and the Word cannot be separated from Jesus!

So what day of the week does your M/M or Christian M/C get together to teach and discuss the Bible with other bikers?  What is more important to Christian ministry than the Word — Jesus?


Okay, time to give our Christian brothers and sisters a break here.  If you’re not already teaching and leading a Biker Bible Study Group each week, there’s actually a reason for that.  We want to be fair.

Chances are, most of the guys and gals in your group belong to a church.  They probably already hear some preaching each week.  And there’s a good chance they all attend a Sunday School class or Bible study group almost every week too.  So why bother with this in your M/M or Christian M/C too!  Right!  Maybe not …

Like my friend who wanted to worship God out fishing on his pond on Sunday mornings, you might be missing a very important point.


When Biker Bob gets saved next week (maybe at a rally or at a local bar when some of you are there sharing the Gospel), he’s probably not going to rush down the street on Sunday morning to a local church!  He’s not stupid.  He knows that even though he said a prayer with you, he still won’t fit in yet.  Maybe he will … some day … but not next Sunday!


It’s going to take faith for Biker Bob to find a local church and start attending regularly!  That’s not part of his lifestyle.  Where’s he going to get that kind of faith come from?

How does a newly saved biker acquire the kind of faith he will need to attend a local church somewhere?  The Bible has the answer:

 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Rom 10:17, KJV)

He will develop that faith by being in the Word of God.  If Biker Bob doesn’t get the Word on a regular basis from your motorcycle ministry, where’s he going to hear it?  How’s he going to develop the kind of faith that will enable him to eventually participate as member of a local body of believers?

For most bikers, this kind of transformational faith will take place in a Biker Bible Study Group!  The believer needs your M/M or Christian M/C to teach him the Word of God so he can develop powerful new faith for a transformational journey.


This is an appeal!  It goes out to all who ride Christian bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts.  Start a Biker Bible Study Group.  Decide today to do it!

Of course, not all Christian bikers are gifted teachers.  It’s going to be pretty hard for some M/M or Christian M/C’s to start a Biker Bible Study Group.  But the Holy Spirit can use you to do it.  Remember, it’s not about you!  It’s about Him — Jesus!  And God promises that His Word will not come back void!  (Isa 55:11)


If you  decide to accept the challenge and start a Biker Bible Study Group, contact us.  Let us know about it.  We want to publicize it here on our site.

Every week during the riding season, bikers get saved. It’s especially true at some of the larger rallies.  Not everyone who gets saved is from the same town (or state) as the Christian biker who led them in prayer.  When you’re Biker Bible Study Group is posted here on this site, other bikers can find it and can plug their biker friends into it.

Send us a message from our CONTACT page with the following info:

  • NAME of contact person
  • CONTACT INFO (phone or email … this is optional but recommended)
  • LOCATION of Bible study each week
  • DAY / TIME of Bible study each week
  • OTHER  … anything else that would help a new biker get started with you


The vision.  It’s simple but powerful.  It is “10,000!”

Imagine what would happen if 10,000 bikers got into the Word together each week all across the USA and Canada!  His Word gives faith!  His Word does not come back void!  Something good and amazing is going to happen if we all start a Biker Bible Study Group each week and invite other bikers to be part of it with us!

Pray about this.  Check out the Word.  And see if this is not God’s will!  It is!


Benefit Ride for Frontline BC

The crew from the Biker Bible Institute is planning to be at the benefit ride for Frontline Biker Church on Saturday, July 20.  Although Frontline BC is in Kershaw SC, this special event actually takes place up in Monroe NC.

The ride begins at the Iron Horse, and the benefit will be at Life Church of Monroe.  (See below for more details.)



Frontline Biker Church has paid for its land and is raising money now for a new, all-purpose building for the property.  The benefit is intended to help Frontline BC raise money for the building.  Because of the work these guys and gals have been doing for the Lord over in Kershaw (and elsewhere), it’s worth the time and effort to support them in this event.

We know there are lots of different things going on every weekend for bikers — many things to pick from!  This should be at the top of the list for most of you!


This is for everyone to be part of.  It’s not just for bikers bikers!

REGISTRATION and RIDE … begins at 8:00 am at the Iron Horse, 1600 Roosevelt Blvd, Monroe NC.  Kickstands up at 9:00 am.  Both bikers and cages are welcome on the ride.

BENEFIT … begins at 10:00 am over at Life Church of Monroe.  Walk’in’s are welcome over there.  You don’t have to have been out on the ride to participate!

NOTE:  100% of all funds raised go to Frontline Biker Church Building Fund.


If any of you reading this would rather just send a check (don’t know why you’d want to miss all the fun and fellowship) and needs an address, you can send it one of two places:

Preacher Cotton Pate
8617 Kershaw Camden Hwy
Kershaw, SC 29067

Life Church of Monroe
1721 North Charlotte Ave
Monroe, NC 28110

Be sure to put “FRONTLINE BENEFIT” on your check so the money goes to the right place!  Thanks and see ya there!




Brother “Pappy” Lucero, the owner of Bulldog Cycles, in Olar SC, has announced he will be starting a new Biker Bible Study Group (BBSG) at the motorcycle shop soon.  He’s working on the details now, and we’ll post them here online when they become available.


Please pray for Pappy, Roxee, Charles, and the crew at Bulldog Cycles as they prepare for this special ministry.  Ask God to provide wisdom and guidance so they will make the right decisions about what to share, when to meet, and those other kinds of things!

Pappy "Bulldog"


Pappy has been studying the Word at his church over the years, so at first, the idea of starting a Biker Bible Study Group (BBSG) at his motorcycle shop really didn’t make a lot of sense.  But when Pappy thought about how many bikers don’t go to church yet, he realized that there are bikers who need someone to build a bridge for them into the church.  The bridge, of course, is the Word of God. And the bridge builders are motorcycle ministries.

Nothing transforms a man or woman’s heart like the Word of God.  Motorcycle ministries can build the bridge into a local church for many bikers by committing to a weekly Bible study!


If starting a small Bible study group for bikers in your community makes sense, contact us.  We’ll pray for you, encourage you, and do what we can to help you get off to a good start with your own BBSG.

It’s not about you or your churched biker friends learning more about the Bible (though that will happen too).  No, it’s about Christian bikers opening the door for other bikers to become part of the body of Christ through their motorcycle ministries!  Riding is fun, but we have to do more than ride if we want to see souls transformed!  We have to present the Word of God on a regular basis, and then pray for those who dig into the Word with us!

Here’s the key:   Faith comes from hearing the Word of God (Rom 10:17).


If you live anywhere near Olar, love to ride, know someone who loves to ride, and would like to be part of a Biker Bible group, contact Pappy or Roxee Lucero.  The contact information appears below:

Pappy and Roxee Lucero
Bulldog Cycles
18929 Main Hwy (Intersection of Hwy 321-301)
Olar SC

PH:  (803) 368-8191

Facebook:  Click HERE



Online BBSG

We’re still planning a special Biker Bible Study Group (BBSG)!  It’s completely online so you can get together with other bikers from all across the USA and Canada.  And sometimes folks from Europe and Australia pop in too!

One thing that makes this BBSG unique is that you can meet with others you are ministering to who might not live near you.  It’s not necessary to live close by to be in a Bible study with others.  That’s really great for Christian bikers who go to rallies and meet bikers to share the Gospel with.  This BBSG gives you a place and opportunity to follow up personally with those folks.


  • DAY:  Tuesdays
  • TIME:  8:00 pm (Eastern)
  • LOCATION:   Online Classroom
  • HOST:  Reach One Missional
  • LEADER:  Discussion Panel


For more information on this BBSG, contact Brother Frank Lengel.

  • EMAIL:  Click HERE


Red Bank SC BBSG

Here’s a Biker Bible Study Group (BBSG) for you all to know about!  It takes place in the midlands of South Carolina.  And it’s a group of people who really love to ride and love others who ride too.  But best of all, they also love the Lord and love His Word.


  • DAY:  Tuesdays
  • TIME:  7:00 pm
  • LOCATION:   Maurice’s BBQ Restaurant (on Hwy 6 near I-20)
  • HOST:  Red Stone M/M
  • LEADER:  David Dooley


Maurice’s BBQ has been a popular spot in the Columbia-Lexington area for many years.  Information about this particular location appears below:

Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ
1010 South Lake Drive
Lexington, SC 29073
(I-20 at exit 55 in Red Bank)

Monday – Thursday 10 am – 9 pm
Friday – Saturday 10 am – 9:30 pm
Sunday 11 am – 9 pm
Party Room Available


For more information on this BBSG, contact Brother David Dooley.


The High Priest’s Prayer

Before Jesus was to be sacrificed (crucified), He prayed a special prayer.  It is recorded in John 17 and worthy of regular contemplation.


I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world. (JOHN 17:14, NIV)

The Word appears to be the key here.  There is something about the Word of God that separates a man from the world … from himself … and from an uncertain fate!  The Word is the key.


It’s no surprise to most Christian bikers that the Bible contains the Word of God.  In a very real sense, it is the source of His Word for the world today.  And if the Bible is the key to the Word, and the Word is the key to changing a man or woman’s life, why wouldn’t every biker church and motorcycle ministry in the USA and Canada schedule a weekly get together to study it and discuss it?


Biker Bible Study Groups are the key to discipleship.  It’s great to have a good, well-respected patch.  It’s terrific to go out on Saturdays to do “good works” like raising money to help someone in trouble pay for medical bills.  But none of those things actually transform a person’s life.  The Word of God saves and transforms.

When we do good works as bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, we develop friendships and we earn the good favor or others.  In a sense, you earn the right to invite someone to your weekly get-together to talk about the Bible.  But what if you’re not getting together with your brothers and sisters to talk about the Bible every week?  What then will you invite people to?  Another ride?



Jesus shares the heart of the message in this one, single verse.  Look again.

“… for they are not of the world any more ..”

His disciples were changed.  They were transformed.  They were different people.  And only ONE THING did that for them.  Look in the very same verse for the answer:

“I have given them your word …”

It was the Word of God.  The patch didn’t do it!  Good works didn’t do it!  Riding didn’t do it!  Eating didn’t do it!  Nothing else actually changes and transforms the life of another person but the Word of God.


We have a simple but powerful challenge for every biker church and motorcycle ministry in the USA and Canada today.  Start a weekly Bible study or discussion group for bikers in your local community.  Use the Word intentionally in your church or ministry.
You don’t have to be a theologian or a great teacher to do this.  You won’t need large numbers of attendees either!  Start small.  Use already published, popular devotionals like My Utmost For His Highest (Oswald Chambers, Discovery House Publishers).  Incorporate fellowship (a weenie roast always works with bikers) and prayer as part of your time together.
Nothing else that you do as a “family on wheels” will have the transformational, eternal impact of getting your people together into the Word every week.  Plan to start one soon!
The Word


If you do decide to start one, let us know about it.  Tell us who you are, who leads it, and where and when you are meeting.  Why do we want to know?  So we can tell others!
All across America, there are motorcycle rallies and events almost every week during the riding season.  And bikers come from afar to many of these events.  Sometimes some of them get saved while they are there.  So what’s next for a new believer on wheels when he or she gets back home?  How about getting plugged into a group of Christian bikers who will introduce that new believer to the Word!
Nuf said … for now!  Be blessed!


Welcome to the new Biker Bible Institute web site.  We’ve been upgrading our web site and servers, and we plan to have some great resources here to help Christian bikers start Bible studies and discussion groups for bikers wherever they live and ride.

Reaching Across The USA and Canada

We plan to have video training online here.  We also plan to have online prayer tools, discussion boards, and a “chat church” too.  And we will also be having live online Bible studies soon too!

We’re part of Reach One Missional, and we work closely with the Biker Church USA network to accomplish the mission.  We look forward to serving you soon here on the new Biker Bible Institute web site.



We welcome your comments and questions.  Use the form below to send us a secure message online.